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AI/ML Readiness

AI and ML readiness as a service: Transforming your data infrastructure for the future

The overall data center capacity to support the growth of AI is growing rapidly and exponentially. This huge acceleration is relying on industry to support the expansion through expertise in mechanical, electrical and operational systems.

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That would be Shannon Wood in the Americas or Clive Fotheringham in EMEA. Skip to our contact area for ways to connect.

Why Salute is qualified to be your AI/ML readiness partner?

We’re certified to the latest artificial intelligence accreditation

Equipment upgrades

As traditional air-based cooling systems are unlikely to be able to dispel the intense heat generated by AI equipment, we will work with the team to evaluate, specify and deploy the optimum cooling strategy for your data center using the latest technology including direct cooling of components, and direct to chip cooling.

Infrastructure Upgrades

AI compute significantly creates more demand for energy, requiring additional electrical capacity via the necessary upgrading of PDUs, and electrical connections, right through the IT racks and cabinets. Our expert and certified M&E team will guide you on the specific requirements for the capacity of your operations, considering strategies such as dynamic voltage and frequency scale (DVFS) and provide an integrated solution that ultimately prevents overload and ensures effiicency of all assets.

Monitoring of Systems

With a higher density of compute loads, you will need the ability to manage, analyze and spot trends in electrical and mechanical data and patterns. This way we can help you to optimize the energy efficiency and better predict electrical and mechanical load requirements – proactively detecting critical issues that could affect uptime.

Why Choose Salute for Your AI and ML Readiness?

Working with the globe’s hyperscale, AI and Cloud providers, puts us in the perfect position to support you with a credible AI team.

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Shannon Wood

VP of Operations

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VP Operations EMEA