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Data center operations

Enterprise Data Center Operations

Our proven process is designed to address the needs of enterprise data centers with predictable precision. With our multi-skilled staff and service offerings, we are setting new benchmarks for operational excellence.

With an emphasis on CapEx, OpEx and uptime

Whatever the vertical market you operate in, we understand you have a vital role to play in supporting the digital infrastructure around the world.

Our team is made up of over 1000 professionals skilled in your data center nuances from telco through to financial services and retail. The reliability of your data center operations is dependent on many factors including the quality of your equipment, security of the premises, and your ability to be scalable.

Enterprise data centers can be expensive business

Have you got the resources you need to operate your data center efficiently?

This is where our data center services come in. With over 30 services from remote hands to safety and security, we can help you run your operations smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and optimising cost benefits.

Talk to an Enterprise expert

The senior leadership is commercial and practical, and this approach is instilled into all of our team members. We take the time to understand your unique needs and requirements, and we work closely with you to develop a customized solution. Get in touch with Mark Reynolds.

How We Do It

We’re scalable and resourceful

Your data center operations can start and end with us: with the range of services we provide, you will not need to undertake multiple contracts with different service providers. See more about our services.

We’re innovative

As an Enterprise Data Center operator, your focus will be rightly on ensuring optimum uptime for your business. Innovation is difficult to achieve without taking a step back. As your long-term partner, experienced in other operator models – colo, edge, hyperscale, AI and cloud, we can challenge the status quo to make a positive impact on our commercial and environmental goals.

We’re passionate about technology

Whilst on-prem enterprise data centers allow for complete control over your operations and infrastructure, they are expensive to run and will require investment in continuous improvement from energy efficiencies to effectively managing your operational expenditure. Our experts can work with you on all aspects of improving efficiencies – from data center audits and assessments through to end-of-life (EOL) services.

Why choose Salute for your Enterprise Data Center?

Optimtzing CapEx and OpEx​

We understand that running Enterprise data centers is expensive. Our approach is to reduce cost without compromising quality striking a balance between good people, improvement in processes and procurement and with the use of technology.

Proven track record

A proven track record in Enterprise data centers. Since 2013, we have been supporting the infrastructure and operations of Enterprise data centers across energy providers, financial services, telcos and retail.

Reducing the total cost of ownership

Our mission is to help our customers manage their operations in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our knowledge of commissioning, QA/QC and end of life management means we can expertly deliver on your budget and sustainability goals.

A relentless resilience

We’re always switched on to our customers’ requirements, going the extra mile in all we do. This way you can exceed your own SLAs and client promises.

What our clients say

Carbon reduction

Reducing Carbon Emissions for Enterprise Data Centers

Like colocation data centers, Enterprise data centers are faced with growing compliance requirements and a commitment to environmental challenges. Innovative techniques in equipment design using AI and ML or considering alternative cooling options such as direct-to-chip liquid cooling are all considerations our team understands.

We’re delivering real results for our clients

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Mark Reynolds

President, Americas & Chief Customer Officer

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

EVP Global Operations and CTO