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Data center operations

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Data Center Operations

We support crypto miners in staying ahead of the competition. From high-performance hardware deployment to meticulous monitoring and security, we provide the foundation for maximizing mining operations' long-term success.

Specialist data center environments need reliable and expert teams

Crypto site services are critical for crypto mining and data farm facilities that normally have either a skeleton crew or are completely unmanned. Maintaining site uptime is critical for operational efficiency; too many obstacles can surface if your rigs are left unattended.

Just want to talk to an expert?

We are experienced in the design, build, operate and refresh stages of data centers. With a deep knowledge of infrastructure and operations, we can act as your data center guru, providing site finding, operations support and infrastructure management advice. Get in touch with Mark Reynolds.

Do you have your site operations nailed down?

We can guide you on the most efficient way to build and manage your infrastructure and operations.

Let us provide you with operational services and skilled staff who are precise, professional and adept at performing in mission critical environments. Our operational model reduces cost and improves resource utilization while ensuring alignment with Service-Level Agreement (SLA) expectations.

Improve your data farm with these services

Process / operations

Standardization and documentation – have professionals at your finger tips that are experts in data mining projects, process and safety.

Physical security

Our custom solutions go beyond typical security guard services to match your defined technical security requirements, with additional capabilities to ensure effective staffing – and give you peace of mind.

Crypto mining management

The operational multi-skilled model makes the management team adaptable, responsive and flexible.

Dedicated Hardware Technicians

We can get your machines back to work and help you minimize your loss due to unexpected miners malfunctions.

Environmental & safety consultants

We strive to lead the industry with a new operational model that encompasses the acceleration of sustainable practices through our services, workforce and company culture.

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