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Energy Management

Energy management strategies for compliance and innovation

Empowering data centers across the globe to streamline their energy costs

As more and more data is produced by systems and applications, data centers will continue to use unprecedented amounts of energy. Implementing energy efficiency standards, guidelines and best practices will help contribute to environmental sustainability and reduce costs for data center owners and operators.

Salute’s team of specialists will execute with speed and efficiency, enabling owners and operators to realize savings as soon as possible. The following five-step process will be used to identify energy efficiency opportunities, plan and implement improvements, and provide maintainable infrastructures into the future.

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How we help you plan for the future

We’ll guide you from the discovery phase to execution and maintenance

In addition to our consultancy service, we partner with best-in-class channel partners, leveraging their expertise to navigate the complexities of energy markets. This collaborative approach ensures that you benefit from the most innovative and effective strategies available.



We will benchmark current conditions including facility capacity and utilization by critical loads, temperatures, humidity, static pressure, airflow diagrams, and whitespace floor layouts



Comparing current conditions to industry standards including ASHRAE to identify opportunities for improvement.



Develop a plan to achieve energy efficiency improvements through a structured plan that manages risk and captures metrics to measure success.



Implement planned improvements on a schedule that ensures environmental stability, monitoring, and expected outcomes after each activity. Execution also includes training owners and operators to maintain the facility infrastructure in an energy-efficient manner.



Benchmarking updated conditions to measure the success of the program and ensure the owner or operator will be able to maintain the infrastructure into the future.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO