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Data center careers

Salute supports clients in over 100 markets around the world. We have offices in 12 countries. So just about wherever you are – or wherever you’d like to go – we have a job for you.

We help keep the world running

Regardless of your background, if you’re excited about growing the digital infrastructure of tomorrow we encourage you to apply

Digital infrastructure is the foundation of just about everything we do today. And it’s our team members who make sure that critical infrastructure is always available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whatever it takes.

A core part of our mission is to provide the military community the opportunity to have data center careers while helping to resolve the digital infrastructure industry’s personnel shortage. So most of our team members are veterans but we employ civilians, as well who possess the attributes we seek and embrace our mission and values. 

Why choose a career with Salute?

You'll grow fast with us

The digital infrastructure industry is growing faster than just about any other. As a Salute team member, you’ll have the unique opportunity to grow with us. No matter what level of experience you start with, you can develop your own data center careers path, advancing into new roles based on performance and aptitude. With Salute, it’s not a job. It’s a career.

No data center experience? No problem!

Whether you have no data center experience or are a seasoned expert, you have a career path at Salute. Our range of service offerings allows junior team members exposure to multiple data center careers paths. While training alongside experienced technicians and growing their knowledge set, they develop their own career path. It’s a process we refer to as ‘cascading up.’

Be part of a team

At Salute, we don’t have employees. We have team members. It’s our culture, and it’s a significant driver of the success we’re able to deliver for our clients. This team-oriented culture is defined by transparent communication, collaborative development and deployment of procedures and best practices, a customer service mindset both internally and externally, and a strong commitment to safety and responsibility.

Do work that matters

The world relies on digital infrastructure. For the digital infrastructure providers we support – and indeed, for all of their customers – the availability of service is truly mission critical. The world depends on it.
Ready to help keep the world running?

The hiring process


Short phone interview

Hiring starts with a short phone interview by one of Salute’s friendly and knowledgeable Talent Acquisition Associates.​


Longer interview

Successful candidates then proceed to subsequent interviews with the hiring manager, team members, or senior executives to further evaluate qualifications, skills and fit for Salute.


Once an offer has been extended and accepted, the onboarding process begins, which includes all necessary paperwork, policies, procedures and culture, in addition to meeting new team members.


New hires also undergo a background check and, in some cases, drug screening.​

Compensation, benefits and start date

New team members are provided with details, including compensation, benefits, start date and any other relevant terms.​

Continuous professional development

Lastly, employees are provided with ongoing career opportunities to assist them with their professional development and growth.​

Around the world Salute has a job for you

Salute supports clients in over 100 countries around the world. We have offices in 12 countries. So just about wherever you are – or wherever you’d like to go – we have a job for you.

Drives greater team performance

Our commitment to diversity

Through our military roots we have learned, in the harshest conditions, our bonds are established because of shared common values. That values-based philosophy drives greater team performance naturally. Our community is a highly diverse group of people who are creating positive change through different ways of thinking and a greater perspective.

We will continue to do our best to be radically inclusive and to learn, grow, and overcome any obstacles together.

Salute's employee resource groups

There are several volunteer, employee-led resource groups at Salute. In order to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace, these groups provide support in personal or professional development.

Salute Veterans Network SVN
Salute Veterans Network (SVN) fosters a community for veterans and allies at Salute. There are discussions of challenges faced by transitioning veterans, resources and tools to navigate the workplace are provided, and colleagues are educated on supporting veterans.
SaluteWIN strives to cultivate an inclusive environment that encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential. This is accomplished through collaboration, community, mentorship, education, and empowerment.