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Integrated lifecycle services for data centers across the globe

Is resilience, efficiency, and operational excellence on your mind?

Salute offers a more comprehensive suite of services than any other provider.

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Why trust Salute?

Every data center service provider will promise to transform your operations infrastructure. But what does this really mean?

Unique projects require unique solutions – but for a data center to thrive, it requires a service provider to achieve three things:

Operational Excellence

Built-in operational excellence, improving value to customers

Sufficient resourcing

Provide timely and sufficient resources

Operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiencies and reduction in TCO

Turn-key solutions

Salute’s proven best practices can be leveraged to our client’s advantage to rapidly respond to market dynamics and seize the competitive advantage.

Facility management

Salute manages enterprise, cloud, HPC, cipher and AI data centers around the world and has playbooks based on the aggregate knowledge gained from our vast experience of running the most diverse portfolios at the lowest cost of ownership.

Facility management

Remote and Smart Hands

Salute’s teams support current and emerging technologies so that clients can pursue multiple business opportunities while leveraging our expertise.

Remote and smart hands

Vendor management

Salute eliminates the complexities and distractions that come from dealing with the vast amount of vendors/suppliers required for a data center environment.

Vendor management

Network operations center services (NOC)

Global coordination of projects and services ensures timely completion and response to client needs whether it is technology deployments or dispatch services based on alerts generated from monitored systems.

NOC services

Hybrid solutions

Salute can adapt to any operating model and will build service solutions to meet your needs.

Rack and stack

Salute's rack and stack services are provided by experts – installing equipment, configuration of hardware for efficiency, and testing systems to ensure operational excellence.

Rack and stack

Technical projects

Salute’s global experience can be leveraged to ensure quality and timely delivery as well as geographic reach.

Technical projects

Consulting services

Salute’s experience across so many technologies and clients gives us a unique knowledge base that can benefit clients throughout the lifecycle of the data center.

Assessments, Audits & Diligence

As data center experts, we use our vast expertise to conduct extensive data center audits, assessments, and diligence to ensure the optimal performance of your operations.

Assessments, Audits & Diligence

Energy management

As global compliance and costs impact the digital infrastructure, we can be your partner in reducing risk, enhancing performance, and supporting your business obligations.

Energy management

Client success story

How Salute provides operational support for Compass Datacenters international expansion

Salute’s flexible, hybrid model is different than most data center operators. We meld our experience and expertise into the Compass culture, so we’re operating according to the ‘Compass way.’ “Culturally we want to operate as Compass,” explained Salute CEO Jason Okroy. “We want to reflect who they are as a team and what they provide to their customers.”
Compass Datacenters
"A core differentiator for Compass Datacenters is having a team of folks who get the 'why' behind what we do. Veterans get it. I don't have to teach a veteran how to follow a procedure and how that helps us achieve our mission."
Chris Crosby
Compass Data Centers CEO

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President, Americas & Chief Customer Officer

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

EVP Global Operations and CTO

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