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North America Markets

Leading from the front for North America and its data center growth

Salute’s business model allows our teams to grow with you as your resources and capacity needs change.

Staying one step ahead, starts and ends with us!

North America has become one of the leading markets for data center operations in the world. From the tech hubs of Silicon Valley to the hub of the data center industry in Virginia, we are providing partners with integrated lifecycle services for data centers. Aligned to the highest standards of industry certifications and actively involved in innovations such as AI and ML data centers, we are a trusted partner for hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, crypto, and edge data centers.

Speak with your in-country expert

We have teams on the ground throughout North America. Jump to our contact area to speak with Mark Reynolds about your local experts. 

Scalability of talent and resource

With the largest dedicated data center teams in North America, for over a decade, we have provided hard-working and talented teams to the data center industry. Our business prioritizes your future growth, offering scalable solutions for any size operation and around the clock.

Experts in data center supply chain management​

Our supply chain program is made up of long-standing partners. Throughout our many global markets, we have built stable and long-lasting relationships with our partners.

We're a trusted partner for mature operators​

As the industry adapts to significant change, we’re ready to support you as your data center lifecycle partner. All our services are tailored to the needs of our customers.

Trusted allies for hyperscale, colo, enterprise and edge developments

In North America and Canada, we provide commissioning services, operational support, design and build consultancy.

Our scale and capacity to deliver means that you will only need one partner for all data center services.

Flexible collaborators and consultants for new entrants

We’re committed to innovative data center development, partnering with you from greenfield projects to expansion. Our experienced team supports you from the inception of your vision through due diligence, build, and operations.

Salute offers expertise in identifying optimal locations, considering factors like access to reliable power sources, high-speed network connectivity, and minimal environmental risks.

Talent excellence

We invest in people, providing top-tier training to ensure they’re not just staff, but guardians of your data center. We know that our internal and customer relationships are built on a backbone of respect honesty and integrity, this is what we value most.

All of our teams are trained in the values of our company, wrapped up within SPIRIT:

SPIRIT at the core of everything we do


Customer oriented approach that is attuned and responsive to customer communications and requests.


What we do matters to our colleagues, customers and the entire digital economy.


Salute's continuos effort to identify, test, and implement new process and technology to advance service delivery.


Be dependable and resilient with our services and our back office.


Our success is limitless when we build a culture that attracts talented individuals from all walks of life.


We know that our internal and customer relationships are built on a backbone of respect, honest, and integrity.


Delivering on LEED, ESG and beyond

By staying on top of local and international regulations, we ensure your growing data center estate continues to meet all compliance requirements.

Salute’s data center projects range from new build to refresh. Whether delivering to high LEED standards, BREEAM or in-house goals, we have a team who can help you achieve certification.

Achieving market compliance with Salute

Compliant with ISO 14001 and with a clear understanding of standards such as ISO 30134, Salute’s team will work with you to achieve all of the compliance obligations set in your market.

Working together

Together we can build on the foundations for unified digital success

Partnering with Salute means engaging with a team that’s committed to fostering digital unity across the US and Canada. By collaborating with our clients, we develop finely tuned strategies that meet regional needs while contributing to the strength of a connected North American digital infrastructure.

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Mark Reynolds

President, Americas & Chief Customer Officer

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO

Our North America offices

Our extensive global network underscores our commitment to providing expert support and innovative solutions for our clients in the data center industry.