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We ensure reliability, minimize risk, and are certified to the highest level for industry standards

Data centers play a critical role in today’s digital landscape and power our interconnected world. Validating proper installation is essential for longevity and reliability of the equipment powering these structures. This is where Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) fit into the data center commissioning process.

Start and end with us

Our senior team works with you through the entire lifecycle of the data center. Speak directly with Chris Benson in the Americas or Michael O’Brien in EMEA.

Our approach

Quality is not a one-time achievement, but an early and ongoing commitment

By prioritizing quality, data center operators establish a solid foundation for their facilities’ successful operation and longevity. Using robust quality strategies you can identify problems sooner, prevent recurring issues, minimize the risk of downtime, optimize performance, and enhance overall reliability.

Comprehensive documentation and planning

Before commissioning a data center, thorough documentation and planning is crucial – a clear route map with objectives, scope and the specific QA/QC activities to be performed.

Standardized inspection & testing procedures

Establishing standardized inspection and testing procedures is essential for all critical aspects – manufacturing quality, installation methods, power distribution, cooling systems, networking infrastructure, and environmental controls.

Collaboration between stakeholders

Effective QA/QC demands collaboration among stakeholders in commissioning. We establish a stakeholder matrix with clear channels for joint decision-making.

Regular audits and inspections

We conduct regular audits and inspections as an independent third party to ensure production and installation integrity with unbiased compliance evaluations.

Training and skill development

We can train your in-house and external teams on how to execute QA/QC activities with precision, ensuring a high level of quality throughout the commissioning process.

Whether you are Commissioning (Cx) or Retro-Commissioning a facility, let’s explore some of the best approaches and tools for effective QA/QC.

It starts and ends with us

If you are ready – we’d like to embark on this journey with you.

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Chris Benson

Iconicx Services - Principal

Micheal O'Brien

Commissioning Director