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About us

Integrated lifecycle data center services starts and ends with us

With the most comprehensive range of professional services for data centers, we can provide excellence across the four stages of design, build, operate and refresh. We can be your life-long ally from end-to-end.

Our mission

We provide comprehensive and integrated lifecycle services for data centers.

With a commitment to quality, precision, innovation, technology and sustainability,
we empower people and the industry’s ecosystem. Our goal is to transform data center operations worldwide through greater efficiencies, sharing knowledge, realizing demonstrable value and building long-term relationships.

Delivering sustainable outcomes starts and ends with us.

Our values

SPIRIT at the core of everything we do


Customer oriented approach that is attuned and responsive to customer communications and requests.


What we do matters to our colleagues, customers and the entire digital economy.


Salute's continuos effort to identify, test, and implement new process and technology to advance service delivery.


Be dependable and resilient with our services and our back office.


Our success is limitless when we build a culture that attracts talented individuals from all walks of life.


We know that our internal and customer relationships are built on a backbone of respect, honest, and integrity.

Our leadership team

Together our team are innovative thinkers, realistic visionaries, and results-focused people so that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that anything is possible. To build on the concept of lasting legacy in the digital infrastructure arena, we are passionate about maintaining a reputation for setting high standards – from recruiting the best talent to ensuring world-class and scalable service delivery that starts and ends with us.

Erich Sanchack

Chief Executive Officer

Louise Lopez

Chief Financial Officer

Lee Kirby

Co-founder & Chairman

Jason Okroy

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO

Mark Reynolds

President, Americas & Chief Customer Officer

Chris Benson

Iconicx Services - Principal

Stefanie Crichton

Iconicx Services - Principal

Clive Fotheringham

Vice President of Operations, EMEA

Sonda Kolodzinski

Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Compliance and Sustainability

Ryan Buhk

Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Andrew Sparks

Chief of Staff

A trusted partner for mature operators & new market entrants

For over a decade, Salute’s comprehensive data center services have been at the forefront of data center growth and transformation, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower the world’s digital economy.

For hyperscale, established colocation and market leading enterprises, our services span all aspects of the data center’s lifecycle.

Corescale Data Centers
Compass Datacenters
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