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Salute unveils bold new visual identity in a move to boost its global presence

Franklin, WI – March 4, 2024 – In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to global expansion, innovation, and excellence in the data center services industry, Salute Mission Critical becomes Salute with a new and striking dynamic logo and visual identity.

Founded over a decade ago, Salute, which is headquartered in the US, has risen to become a leader in providing comprehensive and integrated lifecycle services for data centers, earning the trust of the globe’s hyperscale, colocation, enterprise, and edge operators. Today, the company boasts an impressive roster of clients that make up 80% of all cloud and critical infrastructure services worldwide – a testament to their expertise and the high-quality service they deliver.

Salute Logo Reveal

The new logo symbolizes Salute’s forward-thinking and innovative approach, and its ability to provide end-to-end services for the entire lifecycle of data centers. The device within the logo is inspired by the silhouette of a salute – a gesture that conveys respect and precision, paying homage to the original brand’s integrity.

Erich Sanchack, Salute’s CEO, emphasized the significance of the brand refresh, “Our new logo and visual identity are more than just a cosmetic change. The refresh represents everything about our business – innovation and leading from the front, providing end-to-end services for data centers, and our commitment to delivering excellence for our customers.”

Sanchack concluded, “Our vision is to be the world leader in providing integrated lifecycle services, embodying the principle that ‘it starts and ends with us’. As we progress our expansion plans beyond the United States, across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, it is important that our identity resonates with the world’s data center leaders, and our ability to deliver the most comprehensive services for our industry.”

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About Salute

Salute is a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated lifecycle services for data centers. Set up by co-founders Lee Kirby and Jason Okroy in 2013, the company now operates from 12 global offices in over 102 markets worldwide and employs over 1200 people.

Headed up by Erich Sanchack as CEO, the company is solely focused on the data center sector. Its vision is to be a world leader in providing end-to-end services for owners, operators, investors, and general contractors. Over the next two years, Salute will be undertaking an ambitious M&A program, most recently acquiring three leading commissioning and digital infrastructure brands to bolster its services roster – Iconicx, OBMG and AMS Helix.

For over a decade, Salute has been synonymous with developing talent from inside and outside the industry, providing the critical resources needed by the big-name providers in the hyperscale and cloud markets, colocation, edge, enterprise, and specialist data centers such as cryptocurrency.

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