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Salute lifecycle services

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment upgrades - from design to decommissioning

Why it makes sense to start your data center equipment upgrade with us …

Our team understands that the lifecycle of a data center is ever evolving. From planning and design through to acquisition, installation, and decommissioning, we can support you at every stage. Our approach is with meticulous attention to detail, rigorous planning, and execution to ensure that your facility not only meets but exceeds the needs of your operations.

For a proactive and knowledgeable start, you can talk to an expert

That would be John Hevey in Americas or Clive Fotheringham in EMEA. Skip to our contact area for ways to connect.

Why Salute for equipment upgrades and maintenance?

We’ll take the time to understand the bigger picture

Our commercial and risk mitigation approach is designed to keep your operations secure, efficient, and cost-effective throughout your data center’s lifespan.

Planned Preventive Maintenance:

Proactive scheduling to avoid unplanned downtime.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Extending the usability and efficiency of your equipment.

Risk Register Maintenance and Capital Planning

Ensuring your investments are both strategic and secure.

Vendor and Inventory Management

Streamlining operations for efficiency and reliability.

Energy Management and Reporting

Optimizing energy use for sustainability and cost savings.

Innovative Technology Integration

Access to the latest advancements to keep your facility at the cutting edge.

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John Hevey

VP of Product Development

Clive Fotheringham

VP Operations EMEA