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Salute lifecycle services

Procurement Strategies

Responsible procurement strategies for a sustainable digital infrastructure

Turning your procurement process into a competitive and strategic advantage

Our procurement strategy services are designed to work closely with our data center clients to help them achieve capital and operational expenditure goals as well as meet ESG obligations.

With our expertise, tools, insights and successful procurement strategies we have been partnering with trusted vendors for many years. Through our own due diligence process, we can help you to achieve cost-effective and quality procurement that will improve your purchasing power.

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Are you embarking on a new procurement project for your data center operations?

Our team is ready to support you in your procurement and commissioning process

Customized procurement solutions

We support data center operators who are sourcing innovative equipment or need additional resources for expansion plans. Our senior team leaders are deployed to support customers in efficient and cost-effective purchasing of materials and equipment.

Global expertise and local insight

Operating in over 100 markets and with 12 global offices, our team understands your market and challenges. Through our network of award-winning and reputable data center partners, we have access to market leading vendors and manufacturers.

Project management

As project managers and owners’ representatives, we handle contracts across EMEA and the Americas procuring design/build contractors or equipment providers, and helping you select the optimal supply chain for your vision and budget.

Sustainability at the core

In line with compliance such as EED, ESG and CSRD, we treat sustainability as an integral part of decision-making. Our team is both knowledgeable and practical to help you achieve your specific green energy goals.

Salute's vision is to be a world leader in comprehensive lifecycle services

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO