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Salute lifecycle services

Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance programs - with resilience built in

Why use Salute’s DC experts for preventive maintenance?

Developing a preventive maintenance program for a data center is crucial for ensuring continuous and efficient operation of critical infrastructure equipment and systems, avoiding the impact of unplanned events and costs downtime.

Just want to talk to an expert?

That would be Shannon Wood in North America or Clive Fotheringham in EMEA. Skip to our contact area for ways to connect.

How we help you plan for the future


Define program goals and resources​


Asset management and lifecycle planning​


Risk mitigation and preventative maintenance development


System integration and team training​


Implementation and vendor collaboration

Added value comes from our expansive expertise

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Advanced technologies for predictive maintenance

  • Warranty tracking

It starts and ends with us

To learn more about our programs, let’s meet.

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Shannon Wood

VP of Operations

Clive Fotheringham

VP Operations EMEA

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