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What You Need To Know About the Latest Data Center Cleaning Standards

Data centers are now more essential than ever because the change in end-user patterns globally has driven demand for more capacity. School, work, gaming and other end-user demand rely on data centers to keep the network moving swiftly and without disruption. Connectivity has allowed for business continuity and quick adoption of a more digital world. Since the surge, keeping data centers clean and well maintained is critical.

No one tells a story of resiliency better than Regional President, Partner – Clune Construction, Tony Giachinta. “We needed a reliable workforce in a critical environment. Salute is the epitome of reliability and integrity. They fielded a team that immediately integrated into our work flow and began executing with military precision just like they promised. Until you see it in action, you don’t realize what a difference the Salute culture makes. The quality services they provide and the higher mission they serve is a unique and incredibly effective combination that the industry needs.”

We were contracted to help Clune, on a hyperscale project in Northern Virginia, quickly attain a dedicated staff for Quality Assurance support. For 2 years, Clune chose Salute because they have a trained staff that is committed to excellence and ensures quality services.

Recommended Data Center Cleaning Services 

A key part of successful data center cleaning is having a preventative maintenance program in place. Keep your equipment in tip-top shape, lasting longer and reliable with these data center cleaning solutions:

  • Subfloor cleaning
  • Subfloor vacuuming
  • Ceiling plenum cleaning
  • Overhead ceiling cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Full environmental audit

Salute Mission Critical uses the industry standards defined by the Association of Data Center Cleaning Professionals (ADCCP) for post construction cleaning, computer room sanitization and top to bottom debris and dirt removal. The ADCCP’s mission is to help educate and protect data centers by developing industry standards for data center cleaning. Salute MOPs (Methods of Procedure) ensure your IT equipment remains working properly, can help avoid costly downtime and prevent damage. Removing contamination and preventing future contamination helps lower LOR (Level of Risk), without these procedures, we wouldn’t be able to ensure predictable outcomes for mission critical facilities.

More Than Just Services 

Data centers around the world rely on Salute to provide services with military precision. Whether a data center manager needs to quickly scale a team from 10 to 20, access global support, rely on remote hands or needs a technician on-site, a data center services company can help reduce costs and increase operational resiliency.

As Clune Construction adds, “Salute’s reputation is well earned. They are easy to engage and the quality of their work is unparalleled in this space. You hear about culture but they show their culture in everything they do. The workforce they bring to the market is focused on delivering consistent quality and collaborating to ensure all expectations are exceeded.”

Let us show you how your business can save money, scale rapidly and efficiently solve the problem of operational efficiency and strategic workforce development with the latest data center cleaning procedures.

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