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Salute Announces Annual Selfless Service Award Recipient

Salute Mission Critical has recognized Joseph Kava, VP Data Centers at Google, as this year’s selfless service award winner.

Franklin, WI – February 13, 2024

Salute CEO Erich Sanchack presents Selfless Service award to Joseph Kava

This award recognizes people who have acted in the best interests of veterans and military spouses without the intention of personal gain. Such honorees prominently give back to the veteran community by promoting, advising and/or assisting veterans and military spouses to gain jobs in the data center industry.

Making a Difference

Salute Mission Critical has created life-changing opportunities for veterans, military spouses, and families by launching thriving careers in the data center industry. Over the past decade, Salute has empowered and developed more than 5,000 members of the military community. In the first several years, 10-12% of our company’s hires were homeless and have since risen to self-sufficiency. Our success can be seen in the effects on real lives. However, nothing great is ever achieved alone – so we created this annual award starting in 2020, to encourage and support similar work supporting the military community in this industry.

Erich Sanchack, Joseph Kava, and Salute Co-Founders Jason Okroy (left) and Lee Kirby (right)

Recognizing a Selfless Leader

Joseph Kava, VP Data Centers at Google

As Vice President of Data Centers at Google, Joe has many years of industry experience and a devotion to empowering underrepresented groups. His passion for veterans and their families has been evident for years in his support of various programs. Though not a veteran himself, his family’s rich history of service instilled in him the values they bring to the industry, and he feels a personal obligation to all who served.

Joe has championed education and scholarships programs that have allowed veterans and military spouses to gain credentials that have provided them with even greater opportunities in the industry. He has personally contributed generously to these programs to set the example for other leaders to follow and together with others raised millions in scholarship funds. Joe leads the industry in innovative thinking both in technology and societal issues and has been an inspiration to many with his humble servant leader approach.

About Salute Mission Critical

Salute Mission Critical is the largest global full lifecycle data center services provider that delivers critical facility management services to hyperscale, colocation and edge leaders. Clients worldwide rely on Salute to sustainably operate data centers with military precision.

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