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Top 3 Reasons You Need Remote Hands Data Center Services During Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to technology companies. The change in end-user patterns globally has driven demand for more capacity, while the crisis has reduced the available workforce to deploy the technology. Now more than ever, for health and safety reasons, data center providers and enterprises with their own data centers may not want their staff onsite at normal levels.

1. Data Center Management With a Global Reach

Data centers around the world are working hard to keep pace with end-user demand, even in the face of the current pandemic. Remote and smart hands services provide peace of mind to data center providers and enterprises with mission-critical facilities because they know a reliable partner is available 24/7/365 to simplify installations, maintain vital equipment, address issues, minimize downtime if it does happen and guide them through additional lifecycle initiatives.

Through our Remote/ Smart Hands services, we have responded to clients and supported rapid onsite technician deployments throughout this period. For instance, for just one client, Salute completed 94 projects in 20 countries and 11 states in less than 90 days. The client project required 100+ technicians to execute with military precision to ensure absolute quality at high speed.

Our remote hands, helping hands, rack and stack, and other IT services continue to be leading the discussions. Commissioning, technical staff, general labor and workforce development services are being requested by general contractors regularly. These services allow the aggressive approach to keep up with the rapid pace of deployment and multiple build sites. With our Operations teams global reach, we are uniquely positioned to respond to satisfy those requests.” Ed Meier, VP of Client Services, Salute Mission Critical 

Speaking of global reach, we manage all of our client-requested services and projects through our recently-opened Global Command Center. This facility empowers us to remotely monitor our client-owned facilities and dispatch techs as needed, quickly and efficiently. The enhanced automation and scalability of the Global Command Center ensures we can extend our reach without compromising on quality. This helps our customers rest easy, knowing that Salute staff members are always watching, with the ability to deploy quickly in times of need, much like many of us have done in previous careers within the United States Armed Forces.

2. Flexible End-to-End Remote Hands Data Center Services

Depending on the scope of the project and on the ground conditions, technicians can assist in any of 4 ways.

Remote Hands Data Center Services:

During Deployment, data center technicians can physically install servers (hundreds or more), provide cabling, labeling and documentation. What’s more, a number of data center providers have recently been taking advantage of our design expertise as well. As data center consumers scale, Salute is able to recommend and provide a variety of cabling infrastructure solutions. No matter what is being installed, our technicians always verify the completion of the project by matching documentation to the system view. All projects have a Method of Procedure (MOP), in place prior to any installation to ensure the team and the customer have aligned expectations. Standardizing MOPs improves quality and compliance while reducing risk.

Break-Fix includes troubleshooting, diagnoses, repairs (OS and HW failures) and coordination with RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

As far as Dark Fiber Circuit Maintenance goes, technicians operate a network of fiber optics that interconnect globally.

During a Decommission phase, technicians uninstall the servers and verify documentation for asset management. Techs verify assets to be removed and once confirmed, remove the hardware/cabling, and install blanking panels. If requested, they will destroy the hard drives and recycle what was decommissioned.

3. Transparency At Its Finest

An effective data center services company will have a proprietary system for tracking and documentation throughout the project lifecycle. This system should provide data such as pictures and documentation and is crucial to the success and rapid deployment of these projects. Salute can track projects, scheduling and documentation of completion in alignment with any customer’s requirements – all aspects that are predefined during the initial consultation phase. The Salute system drives safety and quality by detailing out all requirements, procedures and check-in points so clients can receive regular reports and sign off on the projects.

“Salute is a terrific partner for EdgeConneX and we’re extremely happy with the way they bring their military heritage and commitment to accomplishing the mission. They are extremely flexible and responsive to our requirements and have worked with us to expand our global footprint with high-quality staff that fits into our way of running our business. They also bring innovative ideas to the table on how to help us grow and improve our service and performance.” – Dave Foss, VP of Operations, EdgeConneX

The Armed Forces are America’s remote hands, and with our military background, Salute has the agility and expertise to be your Remote Hands partner. With 120+ installations done to date, contact us if you need remote or smart hands data center services applied with military precision.

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