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3 Reasons Why Data Centers Provide Perfect Jobs for Veterans and Military Spouses

Veterans and military spouses bring many attractive qualities but here are the top three reasons data centers provide perfect jobs for veterans and military spouses:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability

To us, there is no other group of people that possess these strengths which are built on years of experience in extreme conditions. Their ability to intentionally review a situation and determine without emotional bias the various things that need to be done to overcome or drive change is unmatched. For example, when a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or Marine is assigned a combat deployment, there are many examples of critical thinking that go into preparing and executing that mission.

Mission Critical Military Spouse

Most do not think about the domestic side of that mission, but veterans and military spouses do. They prepare a Family Readiness Plan to ensure that all aspects of the deployment are planned for, including child care in the event that the non-deploying spouse is debilitated or the deploying service member is injured or even killed. To conceptualize and plan a deployment takes the entire family and the experience they endure builds a master level competency in problem solving and adaptability.

Planning for The Future

If you think about the skills required to plan all the variables over the next year, it starts to resemble Continuity of Operations and Key Leader Succession Planning, which are invaluable to any organization. Both veterans and military spouses have had to adapt and operate in a manner that has driven mission success in extreme circumstances with high emotions. These strengths are often overlooked but are needed in data centers to provide a successful formula for career growth and opportunities. Salute provides a win-win scenario for growth-oriented data center operators by solving the industry’s talent gap through the recruitment, training and deployment of veterans and military families. The Military Friendly Employers program seems to think so too, ranking us in the top 10 of all companies generating $500M or less in revenue.

If you are looking for reliability and military precision in your data center operations, contact us to get started.

If you are in the military, a veteran or military spouse looking for job opportunities or training, contact us.

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