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A Decade of Military Precision: Reflection on Progress

Ten years ago, Jason and I had a vision – we wanted to solve two significant problems: underemployment among military veterans and a data center talent crisis. We saw the gap as an opportunity to address both issues in one master stroke. From there, we analyzed the market and determined that a new service model was needed in order to operate more highly efficient data centers globally. With those goals in mind, Salute Mission Critical was born.

I, for one, am so proud of the team because they have achieved success on so many levels. Our mission to serve all military community members has been an enormous accomplishment. The digital infrastructure industry is reaping the rewards of the discipline and integrity ingrained from their time serving in the military. As a result of our progress, we have supported the military community by training and developing professional careers for 3,500+ military community members in the last decade. This number will continue to increase rapidly and drive even more outstanding results.

The Digital Infrastructure Industry Shift 

Our services model has disrupted the legacy methods of operating data centers with a technology-centric solution that drives efficiency in consumption and personnel requirements. The rapid adoption by the industry proves the value and drives industry-wide results with less consumption, costs and risks. Our industry is growing and changing rapidly, and that environment is a natural fit for the military community, which has continuously adapted and overcome the most complex problems in extreme situations. The industry now realizes the military community’s tremendous value, which is why we are a 950+ strong team supporting 102 countries from 11 global offices.

We have built a team of passionate servant leaders and an ecosystem that transcends typical company barriers and work together for the good of the military community and our industry. Partners such as The Infrastructure Masons have also been supportive of our mission along the way by raising awareness of the industry within the military community, promoting training and transition programs and spearheading a coalition to reduce carbon emissions within the digital infrastructure industry. We are happy to be members of the Climate Accord and look forward to collaborating with industry leaders on reducing our environmental impact.

Growth Through Acquisitions  

2022 was a monumental year as we grew the footprint of the company. We acquired AMS Helix, a UK-based digital infrastructure solutions provider that offers project management, consulting, and sustainability services to data center, telecommunications and edge customers throughout EMEA. Additionally, we acquired Iconicx Critical Solutions, an industry-recognized commissioning, QA/QC, testing and consulting service provider for data centers and mission-critical environments. These acquisitions have improved our ability to shape the future of the industry by contributing to our growth plan with oversight from renowned leaders.

Looking to 2023 and Beyond 

With advances in technology and sustainability, we will continue aggressively innovating and developing ways to improve our processes, drive greater efficiency, and ensure environmental sustainability. As a professional tech-enabled service provider, we will enhance our offerings with new innovative technology, increase our global footprint, and decrease our carbon footprint.

Now, we have solved the personnel shortage issue with an effective workforce development program that we have shared with the industry. We will continue to share best practices so that those who understand the value of the military community can meet their personnel requirements by implementing an effective workforce development program.

I am excited for what the future holds because, by 2025, we will have 2000+ employees and will help another 5,000+ military community members transition into our industry. This is because our services model provides greater value and drives our mission to achieve our vision.

Thanks to those who have supported our efforts and allowed us to prove that, from infantry to submarines, there is an industry where veterans can thrive.

We are BETTER TOGETHER for the next 10 and beyond!

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