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Efficient Operations: A Model for Sustainable Success

Mike Jones
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Mike Jones

EVP Global Operations and CTO at Salute. See full bio.

With the ever-increasing demand for qualified talent, data center operators face the challenge of managing complex infrastructure while ensuring efficiency, reliability, and scalability. To achieve this, a comprehensive approach that encompasses systems and tools, training, diversity, and a global mindset is essential.

Systems and Tools

Data center operations involve a myriad of tasks, from monitoring environmental conditions to managing power distribution and maintaining critical equipment. To effectively manage these tasks, deploying advanced systems and tools is crucial.


In addition to technical training and industry certifications, cross-training employees in different areas of data center operations enhances their knowledge base and versatility, enabling them to handle a wider range of tasks and support each other during emergencies.

Salute Mission Critical leads the industry with a proven model embracing Multi-Skilled Operators (MSO) to break down barriers between various silos that had hindered efficient on-site operations. It’s a variation of creating flow from Lean Principles (Figure 1) where employees become cross-functional or multi-skilled, working across boundaries while ensuring consistent service delivery. Where demand is predictable and manageable, this strategy improves communication between resource managers and stakeholders. There are several ways to optimize in this area, each with unique primary and secondary values to be realized. In the end, the goal is to find and maintain a balance that creates career development opportunities and improves efficiency without overutilizing employees to the point that impacts their performance and leads to burnout.

Data Center service Multi-Skilled-Operator-Model
Resource reduction and improved resiliency in an MSO model are only possible with a cultural focus on optimal training and procedures. The industry has embraced this new model and it’s driving bottom line savings for all stakeholders. Customers who select Salute’s MSO model realize up to 35% cost savings per year. Prioritizing work across a pool of multi-skilled employees helps put the right ones with the right skills in place at the right time. By managing and prioritizing the work this way, an organization will have a good view of capacity and demand to manage utilization across time while improving transparent communications with stakeholders. Career development and advancement opportunities have far fewer limitations when an employee has multiple skills and the ability to develop new ones.


In addition to cost savings, an MSO model that promotes diversity can significantly reduce attrition and human resources costs. Promoting diversity means actively recruiting and promoting diverse talent from various backgrounds, cultures, and educational experiences to foster a more inclusive and innovative work environment. Across one of our largest customer’s portfolios, we have the following diversity spectrum:

We’re seeing the results of employees from different backgrounds coming together; they bring with them different perspectives and experiences. When employees from different backgrounds are involved in decision-making, they are more likely to consider all sides of an issue. This can lead to more informed and well-rounded decisions. In addition, when employees feel valued and respected for their differences, they tend to take more pride in their work and are more engaged. These drive improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

The data center industry is starting to see how diversity, creativity, and innovation in operating sites can save money and improve operational efficiency compared to traditional models.

Scalability for Global Operations

As data center operations expand globally, the ability to manage and scale effectively presents a crucial challenge. Here are some key strategies to achieve effective scaling:

By adopting a strategic approach that combines collaboration, standardization, centralization, automation, AI, and skilled workforce development, data center operators can create a robust and scalable platform for global operability and achieve continuous growth within a dynamic and demanding landscape.


Efficient data center operations require a holistic approach that encompasses systems and tools, training, diversity, and a global mindset. By implementing advanced technologies, investing in workforce development, embracing a diverse workforce, and adopting global strategies, data center operators can ensure efficient, reliable, and scalable operations that support the ever-growing demands of the digital world.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Executive Vice President, Global Operations & CTO

Mike Jones is the Executive Vice President of Global Operations and CTO at Salute Mission Critical. With more than 35 years of experience in the data center industry, he is recognized as results-driven problem solver who leads data center strategy, transformation and global FM and IT operations while promoting innovation to improve costs, performance, sustainability, and resiliency. Mike has vast experience partnering with enterprise, colocation and hyperscale clients in the delivery of services across the data center lifecycle.

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