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In the course of a military career, you “PCS” many times. PCS, or Permanent Change of Station, turns into a verb when used as an acronym among GIs. PCSing means saying goodbye to friends you have made, taking on new challenges somewhere else and gaining more friends in your new location. No matter how many times this happens, you always share a bond that is often and justifiably described as family. Sometimes you are lucky enough to cross paths down the road and pick up where you left off, because those relationships (like family), are forever. Whether you are deployed to a new location or you leave the military, you miss your brothers and sisters in arms. Salute has given us a chance to have that feeling again. We are now entering a stage of our growth where we are saying goodbye to more of our team as they PCS into new careers in the data center industry. I would like to thank our customers for the opportunities they have given our teammates both in project work and to ascend into the industry. While we say farewell to our friends and they embark on new careers, we hope that our paths will cross again but, if not, we are better for having had the chance to work together and will cherish those memories.

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