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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, data centers are playing a critical role in maintaining the safety and security of the digital infrastructure (i.e. the Internet) we all rely on during these unprecedented times. As data centers protect their employees, customers, facilities and mission-critical workloads, they are also handling a swell in network traffic as more customers move their daily operations online and employees transition to remote work environments

During a recent virtual Roundtable hosted by JSA, entitled “The Impacts of COVID-19 on Data Centers & Technology”, industry experts talked about the changes and developments we are experiencing and what we are likely to see in the future. For data centers and other tech companies, the good news is that we are directly and collectively supporting fragile economies worldwide. This is a true testament to the essential nature of our industry.

For our part, Salute is helping our data center customers adjust daily to enhanced protocols, plans, procedures and governmental regulations. Because our veterans turned data center specialists excel at critical thinking and adaptation, they are invaluable team members in our customers’ ongoing fight to maintain uptime while mitigating the risk of contracting COVID-19 for their own staff and end-users. As we like to say, awareness leads to critical action and that is what we excel at – solving the need for data centers to augment their capabilities while ensuring health and safety.

So, what does the future of data center services, including IT and facilities management look like? It’s really a combination of both remote hands services and as-needed, rapid onsite deployment. We are wholeheartedly embracing the change. As Lee Kirby says, ‘People have said that the mother of invention is necessity but I believe that in this scenario, the mother of adoption is necessity.’

In short, data centers and services companies like ours are clearly set to continue shaping the growth of our burgeoning digital economy. Watch the video to get expert insight on:

☑️ How datacenters will be impacted in the future.

☑️ How businesses will need to break the mold of old habits.

☑️ Types of product diversification for cloud solutions.

☑️ The shift people will need to take to mitigate issues in the future.

To learn more about us and how we are providing solutions for data centers during these times of uncertainty, contact us or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


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