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By Sue Kirby

As a mother and wife of Soldiers, I struggled watching my oldest son and husband leave on multiple combat mission deployments.  My struggle was calmed because they chose to serve. My struggle was calmed as I witnessed them enter the zone and confidently prepare to deploy. My struggle was calmed because I knew they would expertly perform the jobs they vigorously trained for. My struggle was calmed because I knew their fellow soldiers were equally trained. My struggle to hold it together was real as I tried not to let my imagination run away with what if.

Raw emotions return and tears spring to my eyes as I watch one of our team members at Salute prepare for deployment. I know he is confident in his training. I know he will expertly perform his duties. I know those who he serves with are equally trained. I know he is proud to serve. I think of his mother and the emotional roller coaster she will ride.

I started working at Salute because I believe in the mission. I am passionate about what we are doing, and the feeling of the military family even after we have left the service. Everyone at Salute will be thinking about you and praying for your safe return, Devon, as you proudly serve our nation like so many before you.


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