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It is no secret, connectivity is king now. We all need it. It is our lifeline for those still trying to earn money and those checking-in on family. With record-high demand for connectivity at the moment, keeping the complex digital infrastructure up and running is no easy task. Expectedly, Salute is seeing a surge in demand for our data center specialists. Now more than ever, we are in need of new talent to join the team to help grow and define the digital infrastructure of tomorrow, today.

Demand for Data Center Specialists

Right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all sectors, the data center industry needs specialists that can take care of everything from keeping facilities clean to optimizing the operation of complex IT infrastructure. No one is better suited as a team for this than Salute because of our technicians’ military backgrounds. Our staff are no strangers to hard situations or environments where decision-making and leadership are critical.

With good leadership, comes efficiency. An effective data center cleaning preventive maintenance program can help prevent downtime, increase performance and reliability and ensure equipment life expectancy is fulfilled. Through the COVID-19 outbreak, Salute teams around the world are ensuring the continuity of our clients’ operations while continuously implementing precautionary measures that include:

  • Creating and distributing pamphlets on hygiene
  • Providing customer service moments by educating visitors on any increased measures put in place
  • Wiping down key equipment using proper products, tools and procedures
  • Sanitizing biometric readers, man traps and various security installations regularly.

Whether hands-on technical support or on-site operations support is needed, rest assured that Salute’s holistic approach to site-level services ensures optimal staffing and efficiency by leveraging cross-functional teams of multi-skilled personnel. In our current global situation, many leading data center providers are looking to provide social-distancing for their employees while also maintaining uptime to support the many internet-based collaboration tools the global workforce is now increasingly leveraging. Fortunately, they can rely on Salute to have boots on the ground for surging client requests.

The Silver-lining When In Crisis

Thanks to this uptick in demand, Salute is recruiting and training more veterans and military personnel. For us, this is a significant moment to create a success story out of an otherwise grim situation. For many veterans, private-sector job prospects once they leave active duty are exceptionally slim. As a result, some veterans are forced into unemployment for significant periods of time. Not so, with Salute. As we work to solve the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak for our clients, we are able to provide even more veterans with meaningful jobs that will pave the future of connectivity.

In the long run, post COVID-19, we believe it won’t simply be a return to business as usual. More employees will continue to pursue remote work and enterprises will increasingly adopt solutions like unified communications to align a myriad of different types of cloud-based collaboration and communication tools. As a result, the digital infrastructure industry, of which the data center sector is a key component, will be in high demand. To put it simply right now, we’re hiring!

To learn more about what Salute is doing to combat COVID-19, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for updates. If you are a veteran or in the middle of your transition into civilian life, visit our careers job board. Be a part of a data center services company shaping our digital future.

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