Hyperscale Data Center Operations

At Salute, we understand the unique demands and complexities faced by hyperscale data centers, and we’re here to provide the solutions you need. With our comprehensive range of data center services, we can help you overcome the infrastructure complexity and scalability challenges associated with hyperscale operations.

Are your facilities fully staffed with experts in the full lifecycle of a data center?

Our team of experts specializes in designing, deploying, and managing highly complex and scalable data center infrastructure. We have the expertise to optimize your server, storage, and networking environments, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing resource utilization. 

With our advanced power and cooling solutions, we can help you maintain optimal performance and energy efficiency at hyperscale levels. Our proactive maintenance and monitoring services ensure that your infrastructure operates at peak performance, minimizing downtime and disruptions. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and experience in hyperscale environments, and take your hyperscale data center operations to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

For additional information on how we can improve your data centers through operations, learn about our services.

We have developed a proven process that caters specifically to the unique needs of hyperscale data centers. Through innovative use of AI and autonomous capabilities we have positioned strategic planning, standardization, and sustainable execution for hyperscale data centers and how they operate.

How We Do It

We’re able to support hyperscale data centers around the world at scale. The ‘secret’ is our world-class people, processes, and technology.

We are a professional services organization supporting your  processes and workplace culture. Our trained multi-skilled technicians become a seamlessly integrated part of your team.​

Salute leverages the key skills of highly-competent and committed veterans and civilians to deliver critical facility management services with a combination of military discipline and mission critical expertise.

Salute has a defined process that helps veterans and military families build post-military careers and solves the data center talent crisis. It’s about taking people with the right “soft” skillsets and cultural fit, training them, and placing them in right-fit roles that enable them to gain experience and move up in the industry.

Salute works with you to understand your needs and create a custom model with just the right mix of services and skills. Across the data site lifecycle – from deployment, through operations and maintenance, to decommissioning – Salute is your mission critical partner for ongoing operations projects.

The proliferation of remote unstaffed edge sites is driving demand for an approach that allows for data center technicians to manage the facility from afar – and at the same time, be available locally if necessary. That’s what our Global Command Center enables.

From the Global Command Center, we coordinate data center management services and projects for all of our client-owned facilities. To do that we leverage a proprietary software tool, IZON. Used for both training and workforce management, IZON allows us total transparency with our clients.

Why Choose Salute for Your Hyperscale Data Center

Global Scalability

We support critical infrastructure around the world; in developed and emerging markets. Leverage our proven ability to break into new markets with the assurance of consistently reliable operations around the world.

Disruptive Efficiency

Our operations model lowers cost, increases quality and achieves an optimal balance of people, process and technology that will allow you to move at the speed the market requires.

Flexibility & Speed

The leaders in this industry must rapidly expand and change or risk losing to the competition. Our highly adaptable model moves at the speed of your business.

Workforce Management

Our comprehensive training & development programs ensure optimal operations with a highly effective personnel supply chain that is a proven competitive advantage for Salute customers worldwide.


We mitigate the risks of unforeseen events for our customers with continuous planning, preparation, and execution. Continuity of operations in any situation with military precision is part of our corporate DNA.

Reducing Carbon Emissions for Hyperscale Data Centers

Salute Focus

Controlling Our Impact
Salute is committed to controlling actions in regards to workforce flexibility, diversity and retention and smart/eco travel.

Client Focus

Partnering for Best Practices
Salute drives lean operating models, containment excellence, flexibility, waste minimization and sustainable best practices for clients.
global sustainability

Global Focus

Sustainable Solutions
Salute applies expertise and creativity to integrate sustainability across data sites with operational offset strategies, carbon neutral chargebacks on projects and the use of renewable energy.

Delivering real results​ for our clients

Discover what Salute could do for you

Set an introductory meeting with one of our team members
Your data will not be shared outside of Salute and used only to provide you with information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Discover what Salute could do for you

Set an introductory meeting with one of our team members
Your data will not be shared outside of Salute and used only to provide you with information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
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