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I am so grateful to everyone who helped make 2014 an outstanding year for Salute. We doubled in size and exceeded our targets. As great as these accomplishments are, the real reward came in the impact we have had on the lives of many veterans while delivering quality solutions to the data center industry. When you consider that approximately 11% of the veterans we hired this year were living in homeless shelters, it starts to sink in. These individuals are now able to support themselves and grow in an industry that is the perfect fit for the values that veterans bring to any job (e.g. discipline). As we start 2015, our battery maintenance practice continues to grow and we are in the beginning stages of the Salute Intern program which will allow companies to bridge the gap of the first couple years’ experience requirement by leveraging Salute’s unique training and onboarding program. At the end of the two year intern contract, the successful candidates are hired by the company as a fully qualified data center technician who will already have intimate knowledge of their environment. This will prove to be a winning strategy for many companies experiencing personnel shortages and help the industry as a whole. I look forward to updating you next quarter.

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