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Salute’s Mission – Military Precision for Mission Critical Projects

Our customers ensure their customer’s servers are live 24×7. Salute ensures the servers are safe from dirt, dust, grime, pebbles, grease, or any substance that might get airborne and damage the servers. We clean the hardest spots to clean first.


We hire Veterans because they are:
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[li]Team Oriented[/li]
[li]Socially mature[/li]
[li]Self confident[/li]
[li]Experienced in diverse environments[/li]
[li]Accepting of authority[/li]
[li]Dedicated with strong work ethic[/li]
[li]Able to work under pressure[/li]
[li]Ambitious toward increasing responsibility and advancement[/li]
[li]Communicative and outcome oriented[/li]
[li]Deserving of consideration for employment because they have served our country and preserved our freedom[/li]
[li]We believe employees will grow through experience, continuing education, and greater networking resources to find full time employment either with us or with our customers[/li]


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[li]Salute’s teams operate in an efficient, orderly fashion to complete jobs better and faster than your competition. Attention to detail is paramount in a mission critical building environment. Quality work means repeat customers which means more work and a predictable paycheck.[/li]
[li]Salute employees respect each other, the customer, and other contractors on the job site. They show up on time, are productive, and communicate their status and availability to the Project Manager.[/li]
[li]Salute provides training on procedures and requirements of each job – Post Construction clean up, sub floor cleaning, above floor, above ceiling, installations, relocations, etc. Salute will assess your work and endeavor to train, educate, and empower you as far as you want to go.[/li]
[li]After each job, Salute will assign an A / B / or C ranking based on your communication, work rate, and productivity. We will promote the A’s toward increasing responsibility, challenge the B’s, and educate and test the C’s. Salute can move you toward a sustainable career … your future is in your control now.[/li]

Thank you. Thank you for your Service. Welcome to Salute.

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