Praise From Salute Clients

“Our customers are some of the largest, most exacting customers in the world from an IT infrastructure perspective. Having a trusted partner like Salute Mission Critical that can adapt to a rapidly changing environment with precision and flexibility that helps meets the needs of my customers is essential to the success of our business. How Salute responds to every request or situation proves that their customer centric view is ingrained at every level of the company and this differentiates them from many competitors. The quality of their services is a testament to the culture of a company based on values that we share. We are proud to call Salute, and the service veterans that make up the Salute team, a strategic partner and an extension of the EdgeConneX team that delivers a premium customer service 24/7, 365 days a year for its customers.”  Randy Brockman shares his views on Salute Mission Critical

Randy Brouckman

CEO, EdgeConneX

“The staff at Salute Mission Critical possess a unique set of skills necessary for the data center sector—the ability to be highly detail-oriented, perceptive and quick-thinking. The professionals at Salute serve as a true extension of the Aligned Energy team, embodying our corporate culture and upholding our commitment to customer service, safety and adaptability across our Operations and Security teams. Aligned is passionate about supporting the veteran community and look forward to doing so through a great partner in Salute Mission Critical.”

Andrew Schaap

CEO, Aligned Energy

“Salute’s ultimate mission with our veterans is what compelled me to engage them as a company at inception. Salute’s service excellence and nimbleness has made me a repeat customer. Work ethic, leadership and adaptability are intrinsic to the Salute approach.”

Chris Crosby

CEO, Compass Datacenters

“Salute is a highly respected organization in the Mission Critical Industry with an important and honorable mission of providing meaningful work for America’s Veterans. Salute provides significant value to the industry because continued growth is creating an even greater shortage of personnel and their approach brings the best of the military to address the problem.”

Bob Cassiliano

CEO, 7x24 Exchange

“EdgeConneX engaged Salute Mission Critical in 2014 and has witnessed Salute’s ability to grow and support the data center’s with both Security, Remote Hands, Onsite Support and Network Operations Center. Salute’s ability to source knowledgeable, disciplined staff from the military is a very important attribute supporting the data center industry. I, personally, have met and worked with the Salute onsite staff, middle and executive management teams and can state that their people have and continue to “walk the talk” when it comes to delivering service excellence and developing superior customer relationships. The industry needs to groom the younger generation with all the certain technological advances that the world will experience and the Salute team understands this need and are taking the right steps to ensure that the industry will have this support. I encourage all leaders in the data center industry to review and meet with Salute to hear and see this great story and company that they have built. “

Richard Werner

Data Center Industry Consultant

“Salute has been an outstanding company to work with. Their associates conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and their attention to detail is an outstanding display of excellence.”

Joseph Hopper

Senior Manager, Data Center Services and Critical Facilities, Acxiom

“We needed a reliable workforce in a critical environment. Salute is the epitome of reliability and integrity. They fielded a team that immediately integrated into our work flow and began executing with military precision just like they promised. Until you see it in action, you don’t realize what a difference the Salute culture makes. The quality services they provide and the higher mission they serve is a unique and incredibly effective combination that the industry needs.”

“Salute’s reputation is well earned. They are easy to engage and the quality of their work is unparalleled in this space. You hear about culture but they show their culture in everything they do. The workforce they bring to the market is focused on delivering consistent quality and collaborating to ensure all expectations are exceeded.”

Tony Giachinta

Regional President, Partner , Clune Construction

“I was drawn to Salute because of their reputation and once engaged I immediately saw the collaboration and expertise they bring to the industry.  The quality, flexibility and speed with which they operate is unmatched and a testament to how industry best practices can be continuously improved when combined with the right culture.”


Paul Hood

Managing Director, Yondr Group

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