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Salute Mission Critical is pleased to announce that Mike Jones has joined the team as SVP Facility Operations. Mike joined Salute because he believes in the company’s mission and vision – delivering the highest quality data center services while providing career opportunities for those who have served.

He states, “At Salute, our focus is on the customer – listening to and anticipating their needs to serve with excellence and deliver more than expected. Data center owners and operators should expect nothing less than this unprecedented combination of executing with military precision and people with the highest levels of integrity, work ethic and discipline. I am very excited to be a part of this journey as we build and grow Salute to be a global leader in the facility and technology operations space.”

Jason Okroy, CEO of Salute, had this to say on the hire: “As Salute continues its rapid growth trajectory, we are excited to expand our leadership team. With more than 30 years of experience driving successful operational groups within the data center industry, Mike will champion key initiatives that ensure Salute’s Mission Critical services are aligned to market demand and work to continue Salute’s operational and professional excellence by leveraging his many years of leadership in in the facility and technology operations space.”





Kristen Vosmaer, President and MD Europe, also states, “With Salute’s rapid expansion of both service offering and geography these past three years, the timing could not be better to welcome Mike Jones into the Salute Team. Mike is an incredible industry leader, who brings both world class Mission Critical expertise as well as a deep understanding of the customer to Salute. His vast experience in both enterprise and service provider organizations will be invaluable as we continue to provide innovative and disruptive solutions globally. Above all, he will continue our tradition of highly ethical, hard-working, and people-focused executives within Salute, who help continue the Salute mission of bringing new talent into the Data Center Industry.”

Get to Know Mike Jones – Q&A

  1. As a kid, what profession had you imagined you would grow up to pursue?

I don’t think anyone growing up thinks they will end up in the data center industry. Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, I wanted to be a fishing guide. It was going to be the perfect profession for the summer; I just didn’t have a plan for the other six months of the year. I really enjoy fishing and take pride in the fact that where I live, we can fish all 12 months of the year whether on water or the ice.

  1. How did you get into the data center industry?

I went to technical school to become a computer programmer (developer). My first job was as a computer operator in a large data center in downtown St. Paul and it didn’t take long to realize I wanted to work in data centers the rest of my career. The problem-solving and decision making aspects of operations align well with my strengths.

  1. If you could give 1 piece of advice to a new graduate looking to enter the data center industry, what would it be?

Realize there are a lot of roles in the data center industry and where you start is likely going to be a stepping stone to something else. Working in this industry is a journey. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities in computer operations, systems engineering, disaster recovery, smart hands, hosting, strategy, migrations, and facility operations.

  1. Who do you look up to the most in life?

My dad. He’s my go-to for guidance and advice. I’d like to say that I’ve lived a life like his but those are some big shoes to fill. He is always involved in business and community groups, school boards, church functions, etc. My dad is the guy who raises his hand and gets involved in or leads things. He’s pushed me to be confident, take some chances and live up to my potential.

  1. What has the best moment in your career been thus far?

I have a few and they’re all related to seeing someone I coached or mentored take on a role that previously they never thought was possible. I’ll never forget those moments.

  1. What do you look forward to most about working with Salute Mission Critical?

Seeing how the company grows and evolves in the next few years as we further develop the facility operations practice. It’s a great group of people and everyone believes in the mission and vision. People can do great things when they are all rowing in the same direction.

  1. What trends are you seeing right now in the data center industry and how do you feel Salute is poised to help?

I think edge computing will continue to expand and Salute is very well aligned to help with mobile technicians and multi-skilled operators. There’s also a trend toward combining facility technicians and technology technicians into one group that takes care of everything in the data center. Those like Salute who can provide resources who understand and perform well in both spaces will have an advantage over others as enterprise and colocation customers continue to evaluate cost pressures in the coming years.

To learn more about Mike Jones, follow him on LinkedIn. Follow our journey at Salute on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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