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What does it take to win a Selfless Service award?

As the title implies, the award recognizes people who have acted in the best interests of veterans and military spouses without the intention of personal gain. Such honorees prominently give back to the veteran community by promoting, advising and/or assisting veterans and military spouses to gain jobs in the data center industry.

See how Salute helps veterans while solving the data center industry’s talent gap.

Making a Difference

Salute Mission Critical has created life-changing benefits to veterans and military spouses by providing job opportunities that launch thriving careers in the data center industry. Over the years, Salute has helped thousands of veterans. Around 10-12% of our company’s hires started off homeless but have since risen to self-sufficiency. Our success can be seen in the positive effects we are privileged to have on real lives. Nothing great is ever achieved alone and we have been blessed to have the support of many like-minded professionals in the industry.

This story of a veteran going from the streets of Chicago to a Data Center Engineer for Amazon is a great example of how Salute has changed the lives of many.

Recognizing Two Evangelist Leaders

Simon Allen, ED at Infrastructure Masons

As Executive Director of Infrastructure Masons (IM), Simon has many years of industry experience and a devotion to empowering underrepresented groups. His passion for veterans and their families has been evident for years in his support of various programs. Though not a veteran himself, Simon understands the values they bring to the industry and feels a personal debt to all who served.

Instrumental in establishing the strategic partnership between IM and Salute Mission Critical, Simon is a vital member of the team responsible for activating the IM Veterans initiative in the U.S. and around the world.  With Salute serving as the IM Veterans Global Lead, IM has launched awareness campaigns in over 20 countries due to its relationship with EUROMIL and the IM UK team. Simon’s enthusiasm is contagious as we garner support around the globe for veterans in the industry. This will be evident as the program expands in 2021 to multiple countries.

Steven Ford, Salute Mission Critical Advisor

Steven Ford has served as an advisor to Salute Mission Critical since 2014. His long career as an Army reserve officer spanned three decades and multiple combat tours.  His exposure to active duty, reserve and guard programs gives him insight into all three organizations. Steve’s passion for veterans comes through in all of his actions, and he has been a key advisor on Army programs for veterans. Having provided mentorship to many veterans entering the data center industry, he often acts as a trusted advisor to many as their career grows. His willingness to share his experience and perspective on key topics such as leadership and data centers has helped develop many industry leaders. Steve has also had an instrumental role in helping Salute shape its plans and policies around attracting veterans to the data center industry.

Steve serves as Regional Director at Google and leverages his long career in the industry to identify ways to maximize opportunities for veterans.

To be a part of a company whose mission it is to support those who have sacrificed themselves for the greater good, contact us to see how we can work together. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re a veteran and you’d like to start a thriving career in the data center industry,  apply here.

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