Hands-on Technical Support

Salute Mission Critical’s suite of on-site technical support services are designed to meet a full spectrum of data center needs, aligned to different client objectives. Our technicians can be your eyes and hands at remote and colocation sites, freeing your IT staff to focus on business priorities. Support activities provided by Salute technicians are managed via our OverWatch™ process platform, and can include:


  • Securing cabling
  • Checking port numbers
  • Requests to check physical network connectivity
  • Plug in a client-owned console port for remote management
  • Rebooting or power cycling servers and equipment
  • Connect external device to client’s setup
  • Reset frozen remote session


  • Observing or reporting indicators on equipment
  • Performing observation of the environment
  • Visual verification to assist your remote troubleshooting efforts
  • QA/QC Services

Technical Services

  • Colocation equipment management
  • Commissioning new equipment and systems
  • Setting up firewalls
  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting
  • Circuit testing
  • Rack and stack
  • Installing client-provided software (default configuration) using client scripts
  • Complex cable configurations per client provided instructions and diagrams
  • Type client-provided commands
  • Executing other client-provided instructions

Physical Security

  • Provide security escort for hardware vendors in restricted data center space
  • Ensure secure remote network connectivity to your equipment

Assets & Inventory

  • Incoming and outgoing equipment shipment tracking
  • Coordinate and provision power and network requirements for equipment
  • WAN circuit provisioning per client requirements
  • Media and supply management

Customer Benefits

Salute’s Hands-On Technical Support Service allows you to quickly open support tickets or contact our trained and experienced technical staff  directly to assist you in resolving on-site issues or taking care of routine tasks ranging from switch resets to advanced troubleshooting.

  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce costs of your technicians having to travel to site
  • Enhance business efficiency by freeing up internal resources to focus on business critical issues
  • Remove the need for expensive 24/7 on-call cover
  • Benefit from our technical expertise
  • Regulatory compliant and secure

Hands-On Services enable you to have our skilled data center technicians act on your behalf and under your direction onsite at the data center to proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with your equipment. Salute Hands-On Support is all about keeping your IT team free to focus on important projects and tasks within your enterprise. This means that your busy IT staff doesn’t need to travel to fix the equipment nor do you have to hire an outside agency to deal with the issue–saving you time and money,  while ensuring that your equipment performs optimally with the minimum downtime possible.


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