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We started Salute with the mission of building a career bridge to the industry for Veterans currently considered unskilled. We have proven there is no such thing as an “unskilled” Veteran. My early years in the Army were spent in the Infantry so the term “Grunt” to me is a compliment and associated with a group of people that I have a strong emotional connection to. Grunts are usually considered “unskilled” but they possess every quality that we look for in entry level trainees for data center positions. A Grunt dealt with an asymmetrical battlefield that had them killing bad guys in one part of town, moving to another part of town to open a medical clinic they had built and finally, for dinner, sitting with local tribal leaders and elected officials to plan future projects ranging from elections to providing clean water.

The simple truth is, the skills they need to operate in that environment are far greater than any other candidates that apply for positions in our data centers. Salute customers understand and see great value in this blatant value and are bringing our Veterans into their data centers at an ever increasing pace.  What our strategic customers understand is that beyond this often overlooked quality, Salute has built an organization that has the associated DNA of the military in the training and deployment programs we have established. When you add that to the Veterans we deploy to sites everywhere, you have an enormously valuable combination of strengths that allow clients to trust, no matter what the variables, Salute can plan and execute with military precision. For this reason, the fastest growing practice at Salute now is Salute Technicians, who provide a variety of functions in data centers ranging from security, ticketing, and move-add-change support. For more information, please click here.

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