Battery Maintenance

A regular maintenance plan extends the life of both the UPS and batteries. Since UPS batteries wear out within 3-5 years depending on their environment and usage, it is crucial that they are inspected on a regular basis. An improperly maintained battery system may lead to thermal runaway which may cause reduced battery run times, fires, or the production of explosive hydrogen gas. Your battery system is as strong as its weakest link. Incorporating a regular battery maintenance program is vital in keeping your UPS reliable.  By coordinating a scheduled maintenance program, deviations amongst weak batteries can be easily spotted and detected. Once detected the failing battery can be taken out of service and replaced.

Salute checks the state of health of your battery system by conducting impedance testing on each individual battery in the system using an industry recognized impedance tester. Impedance testing method is recognized and endorsed by the IEEE 1188 standard for SVRLA batteries. It is a reliable and harmless test conducted online without cycling the battery or disrupting normal operation.

Upon review of results an increase in impedance signifies a reduction of the expected capacity of the battery. This is an early warning sign that the battery is starting to degrade and needs to be replaced in due time. By having an early detection and warning it allows for replacement of a battery before it contributes to a catastrophic failure. Corrective action can be taken on a proactive basis instead of a reactive basis by scheduling replacement of bad batteries under non-emergency conditions.

Benefits utilizing impedance testing include:

  • Immediate results
  • Less time consuming and damaging than a full capacity discharge test
  • Accurate and easily repeatable
  • Ease of trending battery values over time
  • Inexpensive
  • Detailed Reporting


Another key benefit in utilizing impedance testing is the ability to record and trend measurements that allows for a strategy to be put in place for replacing weak batteries in a timely and efficient manner. Trending avoids hefty replacement costs before a full battery replacement is due. It is imperative to identify failing cells before thermal runaway occurs.  Do not wait for your next outage to find out that your battery system is not operating at 100%.


Full Battery String Replacement

When the time comes to replace your batteries, Salute offers cost effective full battery string replacements. We can save you money on batteries and replacement costs.


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