Sustainable Data Center Operations

Sustainability is at the core of our mission to improve our people, process and planet. With our increased impact in the world of digital infrastructure, we strive to lead the industry with a new operational model that encompasses the acceleration of sustainable practices through our services, workforce and company culture. This process requires consensus, collaboration and innovation.

We strive to regularly assess our global impact by:

  • Maintaining our ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Rating
  • Engaging with stakeholders to share and review initiatives and provide transparency in our sustainability efforts
  • Increasing transparency around the environmental impacts of our operations, including measuring greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reviewing current sustainability initiatives and programs regularly with a focus on innovation and improvement
  • Consistently attaining ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compliance, in turn, helping to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Aligning our goals and initiatives to applicable U.S. and global standards
  • Data center sustainability consulting – understanding environmental risks and rewards to realize benefits for our clients
  • Holding our vendors to our standards
  • Instilling a proper workforce development strategy that provides training on the latest sustainable practices and rewarding outcomes based on measurement and goal setting to define success
  • Educating the Salute team how to engage in sustainability at home, work, and within their communities
  • Consistently auditing our processes to transform clients’ sustainability roadmaps
  • Committing to a Green Purchasing Policy by seeking opportunities to increase our purchase of eco-friendly products – the goal is to reduce product-based GHGs and achieving a net or near zero by 2025.

For additional information on how we can improve your data center sustainability practices through operations, please contact us.

As we scale, Salute recognizes the need for sustainability in our business and globally. Endeavoring to improve continuously, foster transparency and drive bottom-line results with clients, we comply with ISO best practices and participate in annual audits of our operational processes and our ESG efforts. Additionally, we completed our Sustainalytics audit and are happy to report we achieved a low-risk rating.

Find out our Latest Sustainability Rating

ESG Rating

What does our ESG rating mean?

The environmental component of an ESG score considers our carbon emissions, energy consumption and whether our processes address climate change. The goal is to continuously be driving to the highest possible sustainability profile and to meet stakeholders’ expectations through transparency and accountability.

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 - What does it mean?

The ISO 14001 certification is based on auditing and improving our environmental management. Audits help identify the main impacts of a facility and compare different technologies, supply chain opportunities, best practices and continuous process improvement.

Pillars to Tackling Scope 2&3 Emissions

Salute Focus

Controlling Our Impact
Salute is committed to controlling actions in regards to workforce flexibility, diversity and retention and smart/eco travel.

Client Focus

Partnering for Best Practices
Salute drives lean operating models, containment excellence, flexibility, waste minimization and sustainable best practices for clients.
global sustainability

Global Focus

Sustainable Solutions
Salute applies expertise and creativity to integrate sustainability across data centers with operational offset strategies, carbon neutral chargebacks on projects and the use of sustainable materials.

Our Sustainability Policy

Salute endeavors to bring client need and sustainable practices together to help reduce the environmental impact of data centers worldwide. The utilization of products which reduce solid waste, conserve water, and protect natural resources is our goal. We strive to make thoughtful and responsible choices which will have lasting positive impacts on our customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. Learn more about our mission.

Data Center Sustainability Best Practices

On a Mission To Achieve NetZero

carbon neutrality

Achieving Carbon Neutrality: A Mission Critical Company’s Lessons Learned

Salute Mission Critical shares lessons learned on how to achieve carbon neutrality through data center operations.

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Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

data center sustainability

Data Center Sustainability: Achieving a Carbon Neutral Environment Through Data Center Operations

Salute Mission Critical shares how to drive efficiency and data center sustainability through data center operations.

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Sustainable Containment Solutions

data center containment

Saving Money with Sustainable Data Center Containment Solutions

Salute Mission Critical breaks down the cost savings in ROI and sustainability using data center containment solutions.

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Virtual Roundtable

Degrees of Green: Evolutionary & Revolutionary Approaches to Data Center Sustainability

Data centers are a keystone of society today and the industry recognizes its responsibility to protect the planet; future generations are counting on us to lead the efforts toward environmental stewardship.

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Green Strategies

green purchasing photo

Green Purchasing Strategies for Data Centers

This guide will give you the tools to easily transition your purchasing processes to be more sustainable.

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Sustainability Through Critical Infrastructure

Untitled design - 2022-04-28T152941.805

Achieving Sustainability Through Critical Infrastructure Strategies

During this DIN talk, we dive into the details with EVP of Global Operations at Salute Mission Critical, Mike Jones! He shares his experience with carbon neutrality, renewable energy, and pioneering new sustainable strategies that improve performance and lower data center costs.

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The Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord

Salute Mission Critical is a part of a coalition united on carbon
reduction in digital infrastructure. The objective is global carbon
accounting of digital infrastructure influencing market-based decisions to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality. 

We pledge to adopt an open standard to report carbon in data center power, materials and products and a maturity model to communicate participant progress. To learn more, visit

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Your data will not be shared outside of Salute and used only to provide you with information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Discover what Salute could do for you

Set an introductory meeting with one of our team members
Your data will not be shared outside of Salute and used only to provide you with information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
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